Audit trails in OpenSLEX : paving the road for process mining in healthcare

E. González López De Murillas, E. Helm, H.A. Reijers, J. Küng

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The analysis of organizational and medical treatment pro-cesses is crucial for the future development of the healthcare domain. Recent approaches to enable process mining on healthcare data make use of the hospital information systems' Audit Trails. In this work, methods are proposed to integrate Audit Trail data into the generic OpenSLEX meta model to allow for an analysis of healthcare data from different perspectives (e.g. patients, doctors, resources). Instead of flattening the event data in a single log file the proposed methodology preserves as much information as possible in the first stages of data extraction and preparation. By building on established standardized data and message specifications for auditing in healthcare, we increase the range of analysis opportunities in the healthcare domain.
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TitelInformation Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics - 8th International Conference, ITBAM 2017, Proceedings
Subtitel8th International Conference, ITBAM 2017, Lyon, France, August 28–31, 2017, Proceedings
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