Audio level control

M.J.W. Mertens (Uitvinder), R.M. Aarts (Uitvinder)

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A device ( 1 ) is arranged for controlling the sound levels of a group of audio channels including a user selected main channel (MC) and at least one auxiliary channel (AC 1 ; AC 2 ). The audio channels can be rendered simultaneously. The device comprises automatic level adjustment means ( 12, 13 ) for adjusting the sound level of the at least one auxiliary channel relative to the main channel. The level adjustment means ( 12, 13 ) may be arranged for adapting the respective sound levels to the content or signal characteristics of each associated audio channel.
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OctrooinummerUS 8600077B2
StatusGepubliceerd - 3 dec 2013


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WO2005IB51080 20050331 Date: 31-03-2005

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Mertens, M. J. W., & Aarts, R. M. (2013). Audio level control. (Octrooi Nr. US 8600077B2).