The modification of liquid flow induced during atmospheric plasma-water interactions when the liquid is changed from electrically floating to grounding (thus entering a regime of electrolysis) is described. A helium plasma jet is impinged upon a demineralised water target when a ground electrode is both absent from or submerged within the solution, and flow is recorded using particle image velocimetry. Modifications of the applied voltage and the salinity of the grounded solutions are made, and results are given a qualitative comparison to theory. An increase in upwards flow velocity was observed with both grounding and an increase of applied voltage, whereas downwards velocity increased in grounded solutions with increased salinity. This is believed to be due to the electrolysis exerting a net force on the flow, with the direction depending on the mobility coefficients of the ions present.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 14 jun. 2023
Evenement25th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry - "Miyako Messe" Kyoto International Exhibition Hall, Kyoto, Japan
Duur: 21 mei 202326 mei 2023


Congres25th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry
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