Asynchronous creative collaboration in distributed design teams

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    Computer-mediated collaboration has changed the work dynamics of creative industries. Designers are currently challenged to collaborate with other individuals who are spread around the globe. Motivated by a concept-driven approach, my work pursues a constructive design research and focuses on how to encourage the worldly creative agency of the designer in an asynchronous and distributed setting. To achieve this goal, I start by framing the designers as selfdetermining agents whose actions and interactions are embedded in a world devised of objects and individuals. Furthermore, I consider that every action and interaction transforms the designers themselves and the world they are interacting with. I strive to develop a framework, in the shape of paradigms, concepts and processes, that expresses the socio-temporal and coordinative perspective of creativity and improves the understanding of remote creative collaboration practices among designers. I believe the doctoral consortium will help me sharpening the focus of my contribution.

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    Evenement11th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2016) - Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australië
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