Asymptotic analysis of Emden–Fowler type equation with an application to power flow models

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Emden–Fowler type equations are nonlinear differential equations that appear in many fields such as mathematical physics, astrophysics and chemistry. In this paper, we perform an asymptotic analysis of a specific Emden–Fowler type equation that emerges in a queuing theory context as an approximation of voltages under a well-known power flow model. Thus, we place Emden–Fowler type equations in the context of electrical engineering. We derive properties of the continuous solution of this specific Emden–Fowler type equation and study the asymptotic behavior of its discrete analog. We conclude that the discrete analog has the same asymptotic behavior as the classical continuous Emden–Fowler type equation that we consider.

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This research is supported by the Dutch Research Council through the TOP programme under contract number 613.001.801 .

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