Assessment matrix for timber structures : basis for standardized building checks

M. Abels

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How can futurily be secured enabling people to enter stable and utilisable buildings permanently and everywhere for them to stay, live and work safely? In order to avoid catastrophies like the collapse of the Bad Reichenhall ice pavillion (Germany) in 2006, a method of evaluation (= assessment matrix) had been designed which will be used to assess constructions prospectively. The matrix developed in this dissertation has its main focus on bearing timber constructions, independent of size and age. The actual scientific level of information referring to main methods of contruction, current examination methods, handling of potential damage and knowledge of material properties is included in this matrix. Besides a social relevance the matrix as well serves conservation of structural cultural assets – in view of a lasting development, too. It is supposed to be constituted as a foundation of legally obligated monitoring for all buildings in future. The matrix has been tested on several buildings with timber construction for a longer period of time already. Three buildings are case studies of this dissertation and helped to prove and finally validate the matrix. Based on the dissertation, it is the aim to create a new EU directive to regulate a continuous supervision of buildings in dependence on serviceability and stability. Finally a test badge similar to the german TÜV seals should be attached visibly to everybody at the building. It displays approval for a certain period of time and could soon be definite equipment of all buildings to raise awareness within the population.
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