'Architectural literacy’: Functions of architectural drawing

R. Schaeverbeke, Hélène M.T. Aarts

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‘Literacy’ refers to the ability to both assign meaning to – and to create messages. Transposing this concept to ‘architectural literacy’ could refer to the assigning of meaning to architectural messages and the abil- ity to create such messages. ‘Architectural literacy’ suggests that architects employ a distinct language to communicate, process and design spatial propositions and that the knowledge of such literacy could be of importance to a broader community. In architectural practices, drawing is used to discourse about forms and spaces. Our approach to disassemble architectural drawings in a set of functions, aims to add understanding about a specific ability to learn and understand architecture. Disassembling architectural drawing in a set of functions stems from a reflective conversation upon our practices as drawing teachers

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TijdschriftDrawing: Research, Theory, Practice
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 apr. 2021


  • architectural drawing architectural literacy functions of drawing drawing instruction drawing didactics practice-based epistemologies


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