Archiprix EHV 2020

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the best graduation projects from TU/e in architecture and urbanism confront the most pressing societal issues through conceptually bold and formally ambitious projects

How can architecture and urbanism compel society towards a more just and prosperous future? How can architecture and urbanism elicit the best of us, individually and collectively? While these are, arguably, among the most fundamental issues for any architect or urbanist to grapple with, their questioning is also found at the basis of the remarkable collection of projects presented in this year’s Archiprix EHV.

While dealing with a diversity of themes and goals—from societal inclusion of marginalized groups to religious tolerance, from urban densification to urban expansion—these projects share the ambition to (re)position architecture and urbanism as a cultural and social force for good where the most pressing issues of the day can be reflected and addressed. Through these projects, architecture and urbanism subvert and transgress common expectations to, effectively, show a way forward, reflecting on current conditions and imagining possible futures. Ultimately, these projects provide but a brief glance to how the education of architecture and urbanism at TU/e continuously endeavors to advance architectural and urban discourse—as well as societal debate—through ambitious, yet reasoned, design.
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