APROMORE : an advanced process model repository

M. La Rosa, H.A. Reijers, W.M.P. Aalst, van der, R.M. Dijkman, J. Mendling, M. Dumas, L. García-Bañuelos

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Business process models are becoming available in large numbers due to their widespread use in many industrial applications such as enterprise and quality engineering projects. On the one hand, this raises a challenge as to their proper management: how can it be ensured that the proper process model is always available to the interested stakeholder? On the other hand, the richness of a large set of process models also offers opportunities, for example with respect to the re-use of existing model parts for new models. This paper describes the functionality and architecture of an advanced process model repository, named APROMORE. This tool brings together a rich set of features for the analysis, management and usage of large sets of process models, drawing from state-of-the art research in the field of process modeling. A prototype of the platform is presented in this paper, demonstrating its feasibility, as well as an outlook on the further development of APROMORE.
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TijdschriftExpert Systems with Applications
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011

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