Approximate analysis of high-rise frames with flexible connections

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An approximate hand method for estimating horizontal deflections in high-rise steel frames with flexible beam–column connections subjected to horizontal loading is presented. The method is developed from the continuous medium theory for coupled walls which is expressed in non-dimensional structural parameters. It accounts for bending deformations in all individual members as well as axial deformations in the vertical members and is more accurate for very tall structures. Additional deformations in the beam–column connections contributing to the overall frame deformations are also included in the analysis. This reduction in the frame stiffness requires the non-dimensional structural parameters to be modified. A closed solution of the differential equation for the cantilevered structure yields a rapid assessment of the influence of different types of connection on the overall behaviour. Results for structures that are uniform with height compare closely with results from stiffness matrix analyses. Copyright © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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TijdschriftThe Structural Design of Tall Buildings
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