Application of nano-silica in concrete : annual project report 2011

G. Quercia Bianchi, G. Hüsken, H.J.H. Brouwers

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This report presents the second year-advanced of nS application in concrete focusing on the properties of commercial nano-silica (nS) and micro-silica (mS) samples, one nano-silica sludge and the precipitated nano-silica from Olivine dissolution in acid. The activities performed include the characterization of their physical properties as BET specific surface area, density, particles size and others. Furthermore, an analysis of the dispersability behavior of nano-silica particles in water was also carried out. In addition, the effect of the nano-silica sludge as a cement replacement in standard mortars was started. Finally, using the TU/e mix design tool, three concrete mixes were designed and cast to study the applicability of the design tool for the mix design of self-compacting concrete (SSC) with addition of nanoparticles and the effect on the chloride diffusion in the hardened concrete.
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Plaats van productieEindhoven, The Netherlands
UitgeverijMaterials Innovation Institute (M2i)
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011

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