Application of an iterative framework for real-time railway rescheduling

T. Dollevoet, D. Huisman, L.G. Kroon, L.P. Veelenturf, J.C. Wagenaar

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Since disruptions in railway networks are inevitable, railway operators and infrastructure managers need reliable measures and tools for disruption management. Current literature on railway disruption management focuses most of the time on rescheduling one resource (timetable, rolling stock or crew) at the time. In this research, we describe the application of an iterative framework in which all these three resources are considered. The framework applies existing models and algorithms for rescheduling the individual resources. We extensively test our framework on instances from Netherlands Railways and show that schedules which are feasible for all three resources can be obtained within short computation times. This case study shows that the framework and the existing rescheduling approaches can be of great value in practice.
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TijdschriftComputers & Operations Research
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 feb 2017

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    Dollevoet, T., Huisman, D., Kroon, L. G., Veelenturf, L. P., & Wagenaar, J. C. (2017). Application of an iterative framework for real-time railway rescheduling. Computers & Operations Research, 78, 203-217.