Apparatus and method for reactive ion etching

F. Roozeboom (Uitvinder), A.M. Lankhorst (Uitvinder), P.W.G. Poodt (Uitvinder), N.B. Koster (Uitvinder), G.J.J. Winands (Uitvinder), A.J.P.M. Vermeer (Uitvinder)

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The invention relates to an apparatus for reactive ion etching of a substrate, comprising: a plasma etch zone including an etch gas supply and arranged with a plasma generating structure for igniting a plasma and comprising an electrode structure arranged to accelerate the etch plasma toward a substrate portion to have ions impinge on the surface of the substrate; a passivation zone including a cavity provided with a passivation gas supply; said supply arranged for providing a passivation gas flow from the supply to the cavity; the cavity in use being bounded by the injector head and the substrate surface; and a gas purge structure comprising a gas exhaust arranged between said etch zone and passivation zone; the gas purge structure thus forming a spatial division of the etch and passivation zones.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 12 sep 2017


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