Anti-stiction coating for mechanically tunable photonic crystal devices

M. Petruzzella, Zobenica, M. Cotrufo, V. Zardetto, A. Mameli, F. Pagliano, S. Koelling, F. W.M. Van Otten, F. Roozeboom, W. M.M. Kessels, R. W. van der Heijden, A. Fiore

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A method to avoid the stiction failure in nano-electro-opto-mechanical systems has been demonstrated by coating the system with an anti-stiction layer of Al2O3 grown by atomic layer deposition techniques. The device based on a double-membrane photonic crystal cavity can be reversibly operated from the pull-in back to its release status. This enables to electrically switch the wavelength of a mode over ~50 nm with a potential modulation frequency above 2 MHz. These results pave the way to reliable nano-mechanical sensors and optical switches.

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TijdschriftOptics Express
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StatusGepubliceerd - 19 feb 2018

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