Antenna‐in‐package measurements

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Antenna measurements are usually categorized by the location of the measurement facility, either indoor or outdoor. This chapter introduces the antenna parameters that need to be validated in an antenna test facility. The input impedance of the antenna is an important measure that determines how much of the power which is transported along the transmission line is actually radiated by the antenna. Many commercial mmWave antenna test facilities have bulky and metallic moving parts. However, the design of the mmWave anechoic chamber has a confined space where the antenna‐under‐test is positioned such that moving and supporting objects have a negligible effect on the measured radiation characteristics. In over‐the‐air testing, a communication link is setup and some form of information is exchanged between the antenna system under test and the tester, for example by means of transferring data packets in order to determine the bit error rate and the packet error rate.
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TitelAntenna‐in‐Package Technology and Applications
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