Analysing knowledge sharing behaviour in business centres: a mixed multinomial logit model

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Previous studies have analysed face-to-face interaction patterns and knowledge sharing between employees within large organisations. However, knowledge about whether and which type of knowledge is shared in business centres where organisations share spaces, facilities and services, is still limited. This paper addresses this research gap by looking at knowledge sharing in business centres. Data was collected among 100 users of seven business centres in the Netherlands, by means of a questionnaire and an Experience Sampling Method (ESM). A mixed multinomial logit model (MMNL) was used to analyse the data. The results showed that tacit knowledge is shared more frequently during discussions/debates, formal meetings and when receiving or giving advice. In addition, the people more often share explicit knowledge during pre-planned interactions than during unplanned interactions. Results of this study provide more insights in business centre users’ knowledge sharing behaviour, which could help organisations to increase their innovation processes.

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