An introduction to contemporary work psychology

M.C.W. Peeters (Redacteur), J. Jonge, de (Redacteur), Toon W. Taris (Redacteur)

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This is the first comprehensive overview of work psychology, with coverage of classic models, current theories, and contemporary issues affecting the 21st-century worker. Examines the positive aspects of work–motivation, performance, creativity, and engagement—instead of focusing only on adverse effects Edited by leaders in the field with chapters written by a global team of experts from the US, UK, Europe, and Australia Discusses topics such as safety at work, technology, working times, work-family interaction, working in teams, recovery, job demands and job resources, and sickness absence Suitable for advanced courses focused on work psychology as a sub discipline of work and organizational psychology Didactic features include questions for discussion, boxes with practical applications, further reading sections, and a glossary.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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