An interoperability classification frameworks for method chunk repositories

P. Backlund, J. Ralyté, M.A. Jeusfeld, H. Kühn, N. Arni-Bloch, J.B.M. Goossenaerts, F. Lillehagen

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The competitiveness and efficiency of an enterprise is dependent on its ability to interact with other enterprises and organisations. In this context interoperability is defined as the ability of business processes as well as enterprise software and applications to interact. Interoperability remains a problem and there are numerous issues to be resolved in different situations. We propose method engineering as an approach to organise interoperability knowledge in a method chunk repository. In order to organise the knowledge repository we need an interoperability classification framework associated to it. In this paper we propose a generic architecture for a method chunk repository, elaborate on a classification framework and associate it to some existing bodies of knowledge. We also show how the proposed framework can be applied in a working example.
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TitelInformation Systems Development, ISD'2006 : Proceedings of the 15th International Conference
RedacteurenW. Wojtkowski, W.G. Wojtkowski, J. Zupancic, G. Magyar, G. Knapp
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2006
Evenementconference; ISD'2006; 2006-08-31; 2006-09-02 -
Duur: 31 aug. 20062 sep. 2006


Congresconference; ISD'2006; 2006-08-31; 2006-09-02


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