An integrated experimental-numerical study of martensite/ferrite interface damage initiation in dual-phase steels

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Martensite/ferrite (M/F) interface damage is relevant to failure of many dual-phase (DP) steels, but the underlying microscale mechanisms remain unclear. Through an integrated experimental-numerical study, this work examines the recent hypothesis that (lath) martensite substructure boundary sliding triggers and dominates M/F interface damage initiation accompanied by apparent martensite plasticity. The mesoscale morphology and prior austenite grain reconstruction are used as modelling inputs. A multi-scale framework is adopted to predict the interface damage initiation. The M/F interface damage initiation sites predicted by the model based on a sliding-triggered interface damage mechanism adequately agree with those identified from in-situ experiments,
confirming the key role of substructure boundary sliding. Moreover, the M/F interface damage initiation strongly correlates with a low M/F strain partitioning rather than the commonly accepted strong M/F strain partitioning. This fundamental understanding is instrumental for the future optimization of DP steel microstructures.
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Recent crystal plasticity simulations [39] indicated that the substructure boundary sliding might also trigger and dominate M/F interface damage initiation upon the occurrence of apparent martensite plasticity. This sliding-triggered interface damage mechanism has been supported by experimental observations [40] . In this work, an integrated experimental-numerical study is conducted to examine this hypothesis [39] and gain further insights for the interface damage initiation. The interface damage initiation is predicted numerically by applying the recently developed multi-scale framework [41] on the experimental mesoscale morphology and crystallography. The predicted damage initiation sites are compared against those observed in the experiments.

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