An efficient automatic tool path generator for 2 1/2D free-form pockets

C. A.H. Lambregts, Frank L.M. Delbressine, Wilbert A.H. De Vries, A. C.H. Van Der Wolf

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This paper describes an efficient tool path generator, capable of automatically generating the NC code needed to manufacture arbitrarily shaped pockets with constant depth. The pockets are defined by contours consisting of line-segments and arcs, and may contain islands of unremoved material (also defined by contours of line-segments and arcs). The algorithm used to construct the contour parallel tool path is based on Voronoi diagrams and has an O(n log(n)) complexity, where n denotes the number of contour-segments defining the pocket's boundary.

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TijdschriftComputers in Industry
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 aug 1996

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