An analysis of constant pressure steam injection in an unsaturated porous medium

H.J.H. Brouwers, Shuanhu Li

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In this paper the unsteady process of constant pressure steam injection into an unsaturated porous medium (e.g. contaminated soil) is studied. Darcy's law, an overall mass balance and an energy balance at the steam front are applied to determine the position of the front. The solution, in closed form, reveals that the front position is proportional to ...t. Furthermore, an asymptotic analysis provides an approximate expression for the front position. This result quantifies the case of negligible conductive heat transfer.
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TitelHeat transfer 1994 : proceedings of the Tenth International Heat Transfer Conference, Brighton, UK.
SubtitelVolume 5: Pool boiling particulates, porous media and specila applications, natural and mixed convection
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UitgeverijInstitution of Chemical Engineers
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1994
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Evenementconference; Heat transfer 1994 -
Duur: 1 jan. 1994 → …


Congresconference; Heat transfer 1994
Periode1/01/94 → …
AnderHeat transfer 1994


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