An ℓ2-consistent event-triggered control policy for linear systems

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In this article, we consider the design of an event-triggered ℓ2-control policy, for a setting where a scheduler is arbitrating state transmissions from the sensors to the controller of a discrete-time linear system. We start by introducing a periodic time-triggered ℓ2-controller for different transmission time-periods with a given ℓ2-gain bound using the minimax game-theoretical approach. After that, we propose an ℓ2-consistent event-triggered controller in the sense that it guarantees at least the same ℓ2-gain bound as the designed periodic time-triggered ℓ2-controller, however with a larger, or at most equal, average inter-transmission time. In practice, for typical disturbances, the proposed event-triggered scheme can lead to significant gains, both in terms of communication savings and disturbance attenuation, compared to periodic time-triggered policies, which is illustrated through a numerical example.

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