Ammonia sensor for closed-loop SCR control

D.Y. Wang, S. Yao, M. Shost, J.H. Yoo, D. Cabush, D. Racine, R.P.M. Cloudt, F.P.T. Willems

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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the dominant solution for meeting future NOx reduction regulations for heavy-duty diesel powertrains. SCR systems benefit from closed-loop control if an appropriate exhaust gas sensor were available. An ammonia sensor has recently been developed for use as a feedback element in closed-loop control of urea dosing in a diesel SCR aftertreatment system. Closed-loop control of SCR dosing enables the SCR system to be robust against disturbances and to meet conformity of production (COP) and in-use compliance norms. The ammonia sensor is based on a non-equilibrium electrochemical principle and outputs emf signals. The sensor performs well when tested in a diesel engine exhaust environment and has minimum cross interference with CO, HC, NO, NO2, SO2, H2O and O2. Previous work, done in a simulation environment, demonstrated that an ammonia sensor provides the optimal feedback for urea dosing control algorithms in closed-loop SCR systems. A model-based SCR control strategy deploying an ammonia feedback sensor demonstrated high NOx conversion, low NH3 slip and good robustness against disturbances. In this paper, FTP, ETC and ESC test data will be presented confirming these results. NOx conversions as high as 91% are measured in combination with 30% urea injection error and a 25 ppm NH3 slip constraint. Test results using the Delphi ammonia sensor for control are compared with test results utilizing a commercially available NOx sensor for control.
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TitelSAE World Congres, April 14-17 Detroit, Michigan, USA
UitgeverijSociety of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2008
EvenementSAE 2008 World Congress and Exhibition - Cobo Center , Detroit, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
Duur: 14 apr 200817 apr 2008

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CongresSAE 2008 World Congress and Exhibition
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