Amine processes outperform in sweetening LNG plant feed

R. Ochieng, A.S. Berrouk, C.J. Peters

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    Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Ltd (ADGAS) has compared the technical and economic performances of two modes for removing CO2, and H2S from sour natural gas feed to its Das Island liquefaction plant: the Benfield HiPure process' and a simple amine-based processes. At the time of the study, the LNG plant employed the Benfield process. Using the ProMax V3.2 process simulator, 'ADGAS evaluated process alternatives based on product purity, energy consumption, and overall economic performance. The economic analysis of the different processes is based on published equipment data. The simulation results support the feasibility of replacing the Benfield process with amine-based processes that achieve the same level of gas purity but with better economics. Processes using such mixed amines as methyl-diethanol-amine/diglycolamine (MDEA/DGA) and MDEA/diethanolamine (MDEA/DEA) proved more economic, with a 50% reduction in capital costs and 20%/year savings and 48%/year savings, respectively, on the stripping cost and on the power needed for solvent circulation.
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