Alignment of linear polymeric grains for highly stable N-type thin-film transistors

Yingying Jiang, Lu Ning, Chuan Liu, Yunlong Sun, Junyu Li, Zitong Liu, Yuanping Yi, Dong Qiu, Chunyong He, Yunlong Guo (Corresponding author), Wenping Hu (Corresponding author), Yunqi Liu (Corresponding author)

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Temperature-insensitive properties are attractive for most electronics, including polymeric semiconducting devices. Especially, polymeric field-effect transistors (FETs) with high mobility have been important research targets due to their broad applications. However, polymeric FETs with stable charge transport operating at extremely cold or hot zones are faced with enormous challenges. In this study, the polyacrylonitrile was found to significantly tune the sizes of pre-aggregates of polymers in solutions and the crystallinity of the polymeric films. The orientation of 5–25 μm linear grains in the films were prepared through the bar-coating process with polyacrylonitrile as an additive, which stabilized the electron mobility over a wide range of temperatures. The linear-grain morphology of the film contributed to reducing the holes and grain boundaries in the transport paths of carriers. Typically, the top-gate FETs based on P(NDI2OD-T2) displayed a stable electron transporting behavior from 200 to 460 K, with mobility greater than 3.5 cm2V−1s−1.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 13 mei 2021

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