Algorithms for the radio link frequency assignment problem

K.I. Aardal, C.A.J. Hurkens, J.K. Lenstra, S.R. Tiourine

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The radio link frequency assignment problem occurs when a network of radio links has to be established. Each link must be assigned an operating frequency from a given domain. The assignment has to satisfy certain restrictions so as to limit the interference between links. The number of frequencies used is to be minimized. Problems of this type were investigated by a consortium consisting of research groups from Delft, Eindhoven, London, Maastricht, Norwich, and Toulouse. The participants developed optimization algorithms based on branch-and-cut and constraint satisfaction, and approximation techniques including a variety of local search methods, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and potential reduction. These algorithms were tested and compared on a set of real-life instances.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1999

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