Advanced plasma diagnostics for thin-film deposition

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An ever-increasing amount of diagnostics is available to study plasma and obtain quantities lIke atomic and molecular densities, ion and electron densities, tempera­ture ofelectronsandheavyparticles, andtheirvelocities, to justnamea few. But also surface diagnostics that can unravel mechanisms leadmg to depositlOn or etching have become available. also to the non-laser specialist. and are now being introduced in the field ofplasma physics. In this chapter we will focus on lu,a-based diagnostics that have been introduced in the field of plasma physics. The basic principles ofthe diagnostics will be explained and some examples will be disculised where these techniques were successfully applied. For a more comprehensive underst.Jndmg of the techniques the reader will be referred to textbooks.
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TitelAdvanced plasma technology
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