Advanced HVAC modeling with FemLab/Simulink/MatLab

A.W.M. Schijndel, van

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The combined MatLab toolboxes FemLab and Simulink are evaluated as solvers for HVAC problems based on partial differential equations (PDEs). The FemLab software is designed to simulate systems of coupled PDEs, 1-D, 2-D or 3-D, nonlinear and time dependent. In order to show how the program works, a complete code for solving a 2-D steady state heat transfer problem and the results are given. A validation study of a 2-D dynamic airflow problem, modeled using Navier Stokes and buoyancy is shown. All results show a good agreement with measurements. The use of Simulink is shortly discussed. Further advanced models include: a convective airflow around a convector, a thermal bridge model in Fem-Lab connected to a room model and PI controller in Simulink and an indoor air-flow model in FemLab connected to an on/off controller in Simulink. At the conclusion the applications and the possible benefits for scientists, engineers and designers are discussed.
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