Advanced front-lighting system for heavy duty trucks

B. Cano

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The functionality of Advanced Front-lighting System (AFS) has now been expanded by the use of variable light distribution to form a new lighting system. This enables the driver to benefit from maximum use of the high beam headlight and a correspondingly long range visibility without dazzling other road users. Other road users are protected from the glare of the high beam and are not dazzled, whereas the remaining area of the light distribution is still illuminated by the full main beam performance. This is made possible by the perfectly coordinated interaction between various vehicle components, such as a front camera system behind the windscreen, a master control unit, the headlight electronics and the headlamp for the variable adjustment of the light distribution. The intelligent control of the module units, which moves electronically the lights vertically, horizontally and due to the fact that each headlight is controlled independently ensures the optimum illumination of the road at all times.
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