Advanced Business Process Management in Networked E-Business Scenarios

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In the modern economy, we see a shift towards networked business scenarios. In many contemporary situations, the operation of multiple organizations is tightly coupled in collaborative business networks. To allow this tightly coupled collaboration, business process management (BPM) in these collaborative networks is becoming increasingly important. We discuss automated support for this networked BPM: automated means to manage business processes that span multiple autonomous organizations - thereby combining aspects of process management and e-business. We first provide a conceptual background for networked BPM. We describe a number of research approaches in this area, ranging from early developments to contemporary designs in a service-oriented context. This provides an overview of developments in which we observe several major trends. Firstly, we see a development from support for static business processes to support for highly dynamic processes. Secondly, we see how approaches move from addressing simple business collaboration networks to addressing complex networks. Thirdly, we find a move from the use of dedicated information technology to the use of standard technology. Finally, we observe that the BPM research efforts move through time from pushing new BPM technology into application domains to using BPM to realize business-IT alignment in application contexts.
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TitelSustainable Business: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2020

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NaamResearch Anthologies: Critical Explorations

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This research was previously published in the International Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR), 13(4); edited by Jeffrey Hsu, pages 70-104, copyright year 2017 by IGI Publishing (an imprint of IGI Global).

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    Grefen, P. W. P. J., & Türetken, O. (2020). Advanced Business Process Management in Networked E-Business Scenarios. In Sustainable Business: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (blz. 638-675). (Research Anthologies: Critical Explorations). IGI Global.