Adaptive workflows for healthcare information systems

K.M. Hee, van, H. Schonenberg, A. Serebrenik, N. Sidorova, J.M.E.M. Werf, van der

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Current challenges in Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) include supplying patients with personalized medical information, creating means for efficient information flow between different healthcare providers in order to lower risks of medical errors and increase the quality of care. To address these challenges, the information about patient-related processes, such as currently executed medical protocols, should be made available for medical staff and patients. Existing HIS are mostly data-centered, and therefore cannot provide an adequate solution. To give processes a prominent role in HIS, we apply the adaptive workflow nets framework. This framework allows both healthcare providers and patients to get an insight into the past and current processes, but also foresee possible future developments. It also ensures quality and timing of data communication essential for efficient information flow.
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