Adaptive switching controllers for systems with hybrid communication protocols

Harald Voit, Anuradha M. Annaswamy, Reinhard Schneider, Dip Goswami, Samarjit Chakraborty

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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are ubiquitous, motivated by the need to integrate control, computing, and communication, increasing capabilities and declining costs of the underlying technologies, and increased requirements on safety, reliability, and performance. The focus of this paper is the co-design of hybrid communication protocol and adaptive switching control that enables stabilization of multiple control applications using minimal communication resources. The hybrid protocol chosen is one that switches between time-triggered and event-triggered methods in order to realize their combined advantages. A control algorithm is co-designed along with this hybrid protocol so as to exploit the properties of the individual protocols as well as the switches between them. The controller is chosen to be adaptive in order to cope with any uncertainties that may be present. The resulting adaptive, switching controller is shown to be stable in the presence of a class of disturbances.
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Titel2012 American Control Conference (ACC)
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Evenement2012 American Control Conference, ACC 2012 - Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada
Duur: 27 jun. 201229 jun. 2012


Congres2012 American Control Conference, ACC 2012
Verkorte titelACC 2012
AnderAmerican Control Conference 2012 - Montreal Canada
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