Adaptable healing patient room for stroke patients : a staff evaluation

E.M.L Daemen, I.C.M. Flinsenberg, E.J. Loenen, van, R.P.G. Cuppen, R.J.E. Rajae-Joordens

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This paper addresses the evaluation with hospital staff of an in-patient environment that supports patients, family, nursing staff and medical specialists during the recovery process of neurology patients and especially patients recovering from a stroke. We describe the methods that were used to evaluate the Adaptive Daily Rhythm Atmospheres (ADRA), Artificial Skylight (AS) and Adaptive Stimulus Dosage (ASD) concepts.
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Pagina's (van-tot)406-415
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TijdschriftMethods of Information in Medicine
Nummer van het tijdschrift5
StatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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Daemen, E. M. L., Flinsenberg, I. C. M., Loenen, van, E. J., Cuppen, R. P. G., & Rajae-Joordens, R. J. E. (2014). Adaptable healing patient room for stroke patients : a staff evaluation. Methods of Information in Medicine, 53(5), 406-415.