Active Surfaces Formed in Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks

Mert Astam, Yuanyuan Zhan, Thierry Slot (Corresponding author), Danqing Liu (Corresponding author)

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There is an increasing interest in animating materials to develop dynamic surfaces. These dynamic surfaces can be utilized for advanced applications, including switchable wetting, friction, and lubrication. Dynamic surfaces can also improve existing technologies, for example, by integrating self-cleaning surfaces on solar cells. In this Spotlight on Applications, we describe our most recent advances in liquid crystal polymer network (LCN) dynamic surfaces, focusing on substrate-based topographies and dynamic porous networks. We discuss our latest insights in the mechanisms of deformation with the “free volume” principle. We illustrate the scope of LCN technology through various examples of photo-/electropatterning, free-volume channeling, oscillating/programmable network distortion, and porous LCNs. Finally, we close by discussing prominent applications of LCNs and their outlook.
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Pagina's (van-tot)22697-22705
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TijdschriftACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Nummer van het tijdschrift20
Vroegere onlinedatum10 feb. 2022
StatusGepubliceerd - 25 mei 2022


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