Accordion-like actuators of multiple 3D patterned liquid crystal polymer films

L.T. Haan, de, V. Gimenez-Pinto, A. Konya, Th.-S. Nguyen, J.M.N. Verjans, C. Sanchez-Somolinos, J.V. Selinger, R.L.B. Selinger, D.J. Broer, A.P.H.J. Schenning

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This work describes the fabrication, characterization, and modelling of liquid crystalline polymer network films with a multiple patterned 3D nematic director profile, a stimuli-responsive material that exhibits complex mechanical actuation under change of temperature or pH. These films have a discrete alternating striped or checkerboard director profile in the plane, and a 90-degree twist through the depth of the film. When actuated via heating, the striped films deform into accordion-like folds, while the film patterned with a checkerboard microstructure buckles out-of-plane. Furthermore, striped films are fabricated so that they also deform into an accordion shaped fold, by a change of pH in an aqueous environment. Three-dimensional finite element simulations and elasticity analysis provide insight into the dependence of shape evolution on director microstructure and the sample's aspect ratio.
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TijdschriftAdvanced Functional Materials
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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