About Gas Barrier Performance and Recyclability of Waterborne Coatings on Paperboard

Sterre Bakker, Joey J.H. Kloos, Gerald A. Metselaar, A.C.C. Esteves, Albert P.H.J. Schenning (Corresponding author)

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For preserving food packed in environmentally friendly and recyclable paperboard packages, it is important to have sufficient gas barrier performance of the paperboard container. Paperboard has poor intrinsic barrier properties and to overcome this deficiency, so a barrier coating is needed that does not hinder the recycling of the paperboard substrate. However, the gas barrier properties and the recyclability of such coatings have been rarely studied. Here, both the gas barrier performance and the removal of an alkali-soluble resin (ASR)-stabilized waterborne barrier coatings from paperboard are investigated. For barriers for gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, defect-free coatings are needed which is achieved by applying three coating layers. The oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of the three-layered coating on paperboard was 920 cm 3/(m 2∙day). For water vapor barriers, two coating layers already show a strong improvement, as water follows a different penetration mechanism than the other tested gases. The water vapor transmission rate WVTR of double coated paperboard was 240 g/(m 2∙day). Preliminary results show that the coating is removed by immersion of the coated paperboard in an aqueous alkaline solution at room temperature. This causes de-protonation of the carboxylic acids of the ASR and subsequent re-dispersion of the coating in water. Removing double-layer coatings from the paperboard is more challenging, possibly due to the coating/coating interface between the two coating layers and enhanced adhesion between coating and paperboard.

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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2022


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