ABCD-systems with unimodular eigenvalues

M.J. Bastiaans, T. Alieva

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It is shown that a lossless first-order optical system (or ABCD-system) whose real symplectic ray transformation matrix can be diagonalized and has only unimodular eigenvalues, is similar to a separable fractional Fourier transformer in the sense that the ray transformation matrices of the unimodular system and the separable fractional Fourier transformer are related by means of a similarity transformation. Moreover, it is shown that the system that performs this similarity transformation, is itself a lossless first-order optical system.
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TitelProc. ICO Topical meeting on Optoinformatics/Information Photonics 2006, St. Petersburg, Russia
RedacteurenM.L. Calvo, A.V. Pavlov, J. Jahns
Plaats van productieSt. Petersburg, Russia
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2006


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