A virtual reality tool to measure shoppers’ tenant mix preferences

A.W.J. Borgers, Menno Brouwer, T. Kunen, A.J. Jessurun, I.I. Janssen

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Tenant mix is an important key to the success of a shopping centre. Rules dictating the ideal tenant mix are still based on assumptions about consumer preferences and consumer behaviour. However, research into consumers’ tenant mix preferences seems to become more prominent in this context. As standard questionnaires are inadequate to measure preferences regarding the locational components of tenant mix, the purpose of this project is to develop and test an enhanced virtual reality tool to elicit shoppers’ preferences regarding tenant mix. The tool can be used in the case of designing or developing new shopping centres as well as in the case of refurbishing or restructuring existing shopping centres. A prototype version of the VR-tool has been tested in a real world context. A Dutch neighbourhood centre, planned to be refurbished in the near future, was selected as a test case. The findings show that the VR-tool can be used to measure shoppers’ preferences regarding tenant selection and tenant placement. Taking into consideration these preferences may increase the attractiveness of a shopping centre, and therewith the competitive position of the centre in the region.
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TijdschriftComputers, Environment and Urban Systems
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2010

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