A Toolkit for Security Awareness Training Against Targeted Phishing

Simone Pirocca, Luca Allodi, Nicola Zannone

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The attack landscape is evolving, and attackers are employing new techniques to launch increasingly targeted and sophisticated social engineering attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities. Many organizations provide their employees with security awareness training to counter and mitigate such threats. However, recent studies have shown that current embedded phishing training programs and tools are often ineffective or incapable of addressing modern, tailored social engineering attacks. This paper presents a toolkit for the deployment of sophisticated, tailored phishing campaigns at scale (e.g., to deploy specific training within an organization). We enable the use of highly customizable phishing email templates that can be instantiated with a large range of information about the specific target and a semi-automated process for the selection of the phishing domain name. We demonstrate our tool by showing how tailored phishing campaigns proposed in previous studies can be enhanced to increase the credibility of the phishing email, effectively addressing the very limitations identified in those studies.

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TitelInformation Systems Security - 16th International Conference, ICISS 2020, Proceedings
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2020
Evenement16th International Conference on Information Systems Security, ICISS 2020 - Jammu, India
Duur: 16 dec 202020 dec 2020

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Congres16th International Conference on Information Systems Security, ICISS 2020

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