A Toolkit for Co-Designing towards Community-Based Active Ageing: Lessons Learned during Development

Gubing Wang (Corresponding author), Dena Kasraian, Carlijn Valk, Yuan Lu, William Hurst, Marielle Jambroes, Pieter van Wesemael

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It is increasingly recognized that community-based interventions for active ageing are more lasting and effective, yet the tools and methods for developing these interventions are lacking. This study investigates how to co-design community-based active ageing with older adults via the development of a toolkit to support this goal. Rapid reviews were conducted to understand (i) the effective behavioural change techniques for older adults, (ii) how to co-design with older adults for community-based interventions, and (iii) how to design tools for behaviour change that are easy to use. These reviews served as the foundation for developing a toolkit to support the co-design of community-based active ageing, which was evaluated during an interdisciplinary hackathon with older adults. Quantitative data from the surveys suggested that the confidence levels of students in developing interventions for health behaviour change and in co-designing with older adults increased after the hackathon, and the enjoyment of participating in the hackathon and of using the toolkit were statistically significant factors influencing this increase. Qualitative data from interviews and observations revealed how the toolkit was (un)used by the participants and what aspects of the toolkit can be improved. We encourage future researchers and practitioners to apply and adapt our research findings to the communities of older adults that they are working with.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2022

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