A time dimension for computer-aided architectural design systems

G.T.A. Smeltzer, J. Dijkstra

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This paper presents the importance of a time dimension for CAAD systems and describes the idea and research intentions to implement this dimension as a new aspect of design information. A time dimension is proposed as a tool for the organization of design information and for the reproduction of design processes. The aim of the research is to propose a facility to record all design states generated during an architectural design process, in a temporally coordinated manner in one information system. Such an information system should make it possible to have the computer register and reproduce the design process in a procedural manner and campare different design states. This will lead to a better analysis and evaluation of design states and to a possible analysis and evaluation of design processes.
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Titel5th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures, 7-10 July 1993, Pittsburg, USA
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