A rewriting view of simple typing

A. Stump, H. Zantema, G. Kimmell, R. El Haj Omar

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This paper shows how a recently developed view of typing as small-step abstract reduction, due to Kuan, MacQueen, and Findler, can be used to recast the development of simple type theory from a rewriting perspective. We show how standard meta-theoretic results can be proved in a completely new way, using the rewriting view of simple typing. These meta-theoretic results include standard type preservation and progress properties for simply typed lambda calculus, as well as generalized versions where typing is taken to include both abstract and concrete reduction. We show how automated analysis tools developed in the term-rewriting community can be used to help automate the proofs for this meta-theory. Finally, we show how to adapt a standard proof of normalization of simply typed lambda calculus, for the rewriting approach to typing.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2012

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Volume1211.0865 [cs.PL]

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Stump, A., Zantema, H., Kimmell, G., & El Haj Omar, R. (2012). A rewriting view of simple typing. (arXiv.org; Vol. 1211.0865 [cs.PL]). s.n.