In this article, we design and verify a millimeter-wave (mmWave) reverberation chamber (RC) operating in the 24-140-GHz band. The chamber is designed to facilitate over-the-air measurements of next-generation integrated antennas operating at high frequencies. For such systems, it is important to perform fast and accurate measurements of the radiated or received power over a wide frequency range. The reproducibility of our proposed chamber configuration is on average over the frequency band better than 0.2 dB when using the minimum advised number of mode-stirring samples. The chamber loss does not exceed 42 dB, and the chamber-decay time remains approximately 0.3 μ s across the frequency range, indicating that the chamber would likely remain operational above 140 GHz. As an example of the performance of the chamber, we show that antenna-efficiency measurements can be performed within only a few percent expanded uncertainty.

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