A platform formechano(-electrical) characterization of free-standingmicron-sized structures and interconnects

A. Savov, S. Joshi, S. Shafqat, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M. Louwerse, R. Stoute, R. Dekker

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A device for studying the mechanical and electrical behavior of free-standing microfabricated metal structures, subjected to a very large deformation, is presented in this paper. The free-standing structures are intended to serve as interconnects in high-density, highly stretchable electronic circuits. For an easy, damage-free handling and mounting of these free-standing structures, the device is designed to be fabricated as a single chip/unit that is separated into two independently movable parts after it is fixed in the tensile test stage. Furthermore, the fabrication method allows for test structures of different geometries to be easily fabricated on the same substrate. The utility of the device has been demonstrated by stretching the free-standing interconnect structures in excess of 1000% while simultaneously measuring their electrical resistance. Important design considerations and encountered processing challenges and their solutions are discussed in this paper.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 18 jan 2018

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