A novel high efficiency solar photovoltalic pump

J.F.L. Diepens, P.T. Smulders, D.A. Vries, de

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The daily average overall efficiency of a solar pump system is not only influenced by the maximum efficiency of the components of the system, but just as much by the correct matching of the components to the local irradiation pattern. Normally centrifugal pumps are used in solar pump systems. The efficiency of such pumps is around 60%. The characteristics of the motor pump combination is poorly fitted to the characteristics of the cell for solar irradiation values of 100 up to 1000 W/m2. Typical daily average total system efficiencies lie between 2 and 4%. At the TUE the characteristics of a piston pump have been modified for a wind pump system while retaining it’s high efficiency (about 85%). The use of this pump in a solar pump system has been analyzed, now driven by an electric motor (via a transmission) which is fed by a panel of solar cells. For the analysis models have been made of the solar cell, motor, transmission and pump. The results for a well-matched system show overall daily system efficiencies of about 6%. The instantaneous efficiency is almost insensitive to the irradiation pattern during a day. The system controls itself. In fact the cells can deliver the power that is needed by the pump with a maximum efficiency for nearly all irradiation values. The daily system performance is 50 – 100% higher than that of a conventional pump. The pump can in principle be used for a wide range of pumping heights.
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TitelISES Solar congress 1993, Budapest, Hungary
StatusGepubliceerd - 1993
Evenementconference; ISES Solar congress 1993, Budapest, Hungary; 1993-08-23; 1993-08-27 -
Duur: 23 aug. 199327 aug. 1993


Congresconference; ISES Solar congress 1993, Budapest, Hungary; 1993-08-23; 1993-08-27
AnderISES Solar congress 1993, Budapest, Hungary


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