A nonlinear transfer function based receiver for wideband interference suppression

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Wideband receivers for multistandards operation can simplify the system and lower the cost. In a wideband receiver, the tolerance of large interference signal within the operating band is important. Traditional frequency-domain filtering suffers from lacking in filtering capability for in-band interference signals. This paper describes a receiver system exploiting nonlinear transfer function. Based on the fundamental nonlinear theory, the receiver with nonlinear method can provide frequency-independent filtering for large blockers and linear amplification for weak desired signals simultaneously. The interference suppression performance depends on the amplitude discrimination between the envelope of the large and small signal. The operation of the nonlinear receiver is based on the amplitude of the interferer envelope. A feedforward path is designed to extract the envelope information of the interferer and a feedback path is added to keep track of the environment. With frequency-independent filtering, the nonlinear receiver system enhances both in-band and out-of-band linearity, thus enabling wideband multimode operation.
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