A multiscale framework for localizing microstructures towards the onset of macroscopic discontinuity

E. Bosco, V.G. Kouznetsova, E.W.C. Coenen, M.G.D. Geers, A. Salvadori

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This paper presents a multiscale computational homogenization model for the post localization behavior of a macroscale domain crossed by a cohesive discontinuity emanating from microstructural damage. The stress–strain and the cohesive macroscopic responses are obtained incorporating the underlying microstructure, in which the damage evolution results in the formation of a strain localization band. The macro structural kinematics entails a discontinuous displacement field and a non-uniform deformation field across the discontinuity. Novel scale transitions are formulated to provide a consistent coupling to the continuous microscale kinematics. From the solution of the micromechanical boundary value problem, the macroscale stress responses at both sides of the discontinuity are recovered, providing automatically the cohesive tractions at the interface. The effective displacement jump and deformation field discontinuity are derived from the same microscale analysis. This contribution focusses on scale transition relations and on the solution procedure at the microlevel; the highlights of the approach are demonstrated on microscale numerical examples. Coupled two-scale solution strategy will be presented in a subsequent paper.
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TijdschriftComputational Mechanics
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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