A leaf-inspired luminescent solar concentrator for energy-efficient continuous-flow photochemistry

D. Cambié, F. Zhao, V. Hessel, M.G. Debije, T. Noël

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The use of solar light to promote chemical reactions holds significant potential with regard to sustainable energy solutions. While the number of visible light-induced transformations has increased significantly, the use of abundant solar light has been extremely limited. We report a leaf-inspired photomicroreactor that constitutes a merger between luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) and flow photochemistry to enable green and efficient reactions powered by solar irradiation. This device based on fluorescent dye-doped polydimethylsiloxane collects sunlight, focuses the energy to a narrow wavelength region, and then transports that energy to embedded microchannels where the flowing reactants are converted.

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TijdschriftAngewandte Chemie - International Edition
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Vroegere onlinedatum22 dec. 2016
StatusGepubliceerd - 19 jan. 2017


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