A KDS for discrete Morse-Smale complexes

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The Morse-Smale complex of a terrain is a topological complex that provides information about the features of the terrain. It consists of the critical points (minima, saddles and maxima), together with steepest-descent paths from saddles to minima and steepest-ascent paths from saddles to maxima. We describe a kinetic data structure to maintain the Morse-Smale-complex for a triangulated terrain whose vertex heights change continuously. This can be used to efficiently analyze time-varying data.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 10 jun 2018
EvenementComputational Geometry: Young Researchers Forum (CG:YRF 2018) - Budapest, Hongarije
Duur: 11 jun 201814 jun 2018


WorkshopComputational Geometry: Young Researchers Forum (CG:YRF 2018)
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