A job search demands-resources intervention among the unemployed: effects on well-being, job search behavior and reemployment chances

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In this article, we evaluate the effects of a 3-day training intervention among unemployed individuals that focused on enhancing levels of reemployment crafting and psychological capital in order to increase well-being, job search behavior, and reemployment chances. A total of 146 unemployed individuals participated in a 3-day training intervention. The control group consisted of 275 unemployed individuals. General linear modeling results showed that the intervention indeed did enhance participants’ levels of reemployment crafting (seeking resources and seeking challenges) and psychological capital. Moreover, the intervention had a significant and positive effect on job search behavior and goal setting, whereas a significant but protective effect was found for well-being. However, we found no significant effect of the intervention on reemployment status within 6 months after the intervention. Therefore, we conclude that the intervention seems to be a promising tool to enhance job search behavior and preserve well-being among the unemployed.
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TijdschriftJournal of Occupational Health Psychology
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